Swedish for “unbounded,” granslos means to us doing what you want to do in life versus what you have to do. It extends to our team, our investments and the residents in Granslos Capital multi-family properties. Founders, Fulks and Johnson, combine their experience in business ownership, finance and real estate, to find asymmetric investment opportunities.

Matt Fulks

Matt Fulks began his entrepreneurship career at the early age of 15 when he launched a lawn care business. Matt explored other professions while growing the lawncare business and within two years he had become the captain of a local fire department, fielding over 240 calls in his final years there. This responsibility taught him the importance of systems and processes.

Matt ran the lawncare business for over 17 years and grew it into a top 10% nationwide bracket company based on total dollar revenue and the number of employees. Small business ownership taught Matt a number of transferable skills such as customer relations, sales, personnel management, and expanding business profits.

In the midst of his career, Matt read a book that changed his life and trajectory in business forever, ‘Rich Dad Poor Dad’. Shortly after, he began to acquire real estate in the form of single-family homes which he remodeled himself. He later transitioned into smaller multi-family homes which gave him experience with managing contractors, projects, timelines, and budgets.

Eventually, Matt had the opportunity to invest in short-term rental properties using platforms such as Airbnb. He managed this business successfully with his partners while navigating challenges related to the pandemic. Matt was able to pivot and achieved over a 4x multiplier return on capital.

Sam Johnson

Sam Johnson graduated from Pittsburg State University in 2011 and began his investment career working in the Koch Industries corporate treasury group. While at Koch, Sam primarily managed all short-term fixed income portfolios including corporate debt, CMBS, and other structured products. In 2016 he relocated to Kansas City to work for a local community bank in their capital markets division.

Although Sam’s full-time job remains in corporate finance and trading, he has invested and managed several private real estate investments. His investing experience has spanned from a short-term rental portfolio to multi-family apartment complexes. He brings full deal cycle experience from acquisition to capital markets financing to Granslos Capital.